Compañía Europea de Cospeles S.A., better known in the coin blanks’ market as CECO, S.A., was established in 1999 as a joint-venture between the Spanish Mint (FNMT-RCM) and the German company Deutsche Nickel, with the main objective of producing blanks during the Euro introduction for Spain in 2002.

From that moment on, CECO, S.A. adapted its production for the foreign market, and since then continues manufacturing and sending blanks, for monetary use, to more than 60 countries all over the world. This, at the same time, gave CECO, S.A. the opportunity to acquire wide experience in several manufacturing processes and quality control of its products. 


Presently, CECO, S.A. is jointly owned 50% by FNMT-RCM and the other 50% belongs to Saxonia Mint of Finland. Its public background makes it a much more solid company than any other private factory. 

For further information, you can download our commercial brochure here.