Our Code of Conduct is a document which summarized the different policies and procedures in force within CECOSA, related to the behaviours of both the personnel and the company.
The Code of Conduct is a key element to the rules of responsible behaviour that all the employees and personnel, related directly or indirectly with the Company, must comply. The Code of Conduct was made in order to help everybody to practice the expected behaviours.

Therefore, it is an element of special significance within our policies of internal control and the observance of the applicable normative, and guarantees that we have the appropriate mechanisms to support employees in the observance of their obligations and the performance of the commercial activities they carry through.
This code has included the ethical values, commitments and good practices that must be applied in the management of every comercial activity to be carried out, within the corporate purpose of CECOSA.

Our aim goal is the RESPONSIBLE WORK based in the respect for our external customers and the people who are part of CECOSA.
The TRANSPARENCY, in all our operations, is other of our principles, since it represents the core idea to give confidence in all our relationships.
We are fully convinced of what we do and how we do it. So we want to transmit this ASSURANCE to the foreign market, and therefore to each one of our customers and/or co-operators.
Our PRINCIPLES are also the truth, humility, ethics, teamwork, people’s dignity and justice.

The Code of Conduct affects every person who is part of CECOSA, independent to his/her role, working position or hierarchy level and includes all the societies that constitute the organizational and corporate structure of the same, in the present and in the future.

CECOSA makes available to its employees an internal channel that could be used by any person to communicate those facts that could be considered breaking the rules of CECOSA’s Code of Conduct, or that may be illegal, both in a civil and penal way. There is then implemented a Complaints Channel with the objective of encouraging the compliance of the laws and regulations established within CECOSA’s Code of Conduct, as well as in the rulings and procedures that form it.
Any existing doubt regarding the interpretation and application of the referred Code of Conduct must be informed to the corresponding immediate superior or, where relevant, it can be formulated through the Complaints Channel.
Likewise, any employee of CECOSA has the obligation to comply with the article 31.bis.5. 4º of the Penal Code by laying bare any presumed breach of the Code of Conduct, the Company’s internal rules or the legislation in force, which could be detected by managers or the employees within the Company.
The communications to the single-person authority for the supervision and control of CECOSA’s Penal Risks Prevention Program, regarding any supposed unlawful action, can be made by any of the following ways:

  • Sending an email to the following mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
  • Writing a letter to the following address: Cronos, 67, 28037 Madrid. To the attention of CECOSA’ s authority body for the supervision and control of penal risks.

CECOSA’ s authority body for the supervision and control of penal risks will be the recipient of the complaints and authorized to make the arrangements to start the investigation. Once the complaint is received, the investigation will begin and the corresponding report will be prepared.

This systems assures there will be no reprisal to the complainant in good faith, as well as there will be kept the confidentiality during the whole process.

CECO-SA code of conduct document in PDF.