CECO, S.A. has an installed production capacity of 15,000 tons/year, as well as it has a wide technical experience which has been demonstrated in processing different kind of materials such as: Copper plated steel, Brass, Nickel and also blanks made of CuNi, CuAlNi, CuAlZnSn, Nickel-Brass, among other copper alloys. Likewise we work with: Stainless Steel (AISI 430), Aluminium and many other plated materials.

Below we show a small collection of samples, with some of the different types of blanks we manufacture (Monometallics, Bimetallics and Trimetallics):

Our factory has the latest machinery of the coin blanks production’s sector, originating from the most prestigious manufacturers of these equipments. Our productive process is developed, following several stages/phases, which are essentials in order to guarantee a blank that will reach the quality standards required by our customers.